Life Changing Green Smoothie Recipe


I must admit the title is a little heavy but i have complete confidence smacking it on this post. Why? Because this green smoothie recipe holds up well to it’s pretty little title. Our family are pretty much green smoothie veterans and i would say we are tinkering on borderline obsession with these powerhouse glasses of green nutrition overload. It is probably the second most important practice we have incorporated into our quest for a healthier lifestyle after juicing…So how did i come about discovering this green smoothie life changing recipe that i am raving about? The same way, many amazing recipes are born; lack of ingredients! Our refrigerator often looks quite pitiful on Friday evenings with a few wilted spinach leaves cowering in the back compartment next to the shriveled beets that didn’t make the cut. This is usually the point i go grocery shopping but with an unpredictable schedule that doesn’t always happen.

Life Changing Green Smoothie Recipe

This particular Friday morning was no different as i reached for my pitiful greens, poked around to see if there were any surprises and finally settled on what was left. A few tweaks later and generous almond butter dollops after birthed the creamiest, tastiest, most blissful green smoothie ever. You will slurp this sucker right up and maybe have to run off to the wardrobe to drink it in peace lest the kiddos fight you for it. Heard enough? Then here you go!

Mean Machine Life Changing Green Smoothie Recipe

makes 32oz

2 handfuls baby spinach
1 handful chopped kale
1 chopped ripe pear
2 frozen bananas
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp liquid chlorophyll
1/2 avocado
1 celery stalk – chopped
1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
4 pitted dates (soaked overnight in filtered water)

Place the leafy greens in a high speed blender and blend with water first for 1 minute. Add the soft ingredients first and the harder ones last. Whizz for an additional 2-3 minutes while streaming in the almond milk until the desired consistency is achieved.

Fun Fact

Green smoothies are chok full of chlorophyll – the amazing nutrient that gives plants their color. It’s their blood, and interestingly, it is also structurally very similar to our own blood – in fact, Chlorophyll is identical to human blood with one exception – the centre element in chlorophyll is magnesium while the centre element of human blood is iron.