Festive stress

This season, I have been considering waste and while I LOVE Christmas, it is a time of excessive waste – left over food, presents you don’t want etc.

Festive stress

It can also be stressful. I know I have at times run around frantic worrying

because I didn’t have “such and such” for “so and so”. So this year I have decided to take a relaxed, less wasteful and more thankful approach. I

came across the list below and it really summed up how I feel about this year. I think I am going to make it a personal trend – take one step back from the hype and enjoy time with family.

To all I wish you a relaxed, low waste festive season. Thank you for following this blog in a year, which for me has been filled with positive change. Whoot – I have lots to be grateful for. xx

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