Fitness Bootcamp – 30 Minutes A Day Can Lead To Permanent Weight Loss

If you are serious about reaching your ideal weight, you should try a fitness bootcamp. 30 minutes a day can result in you reaching your weight loss goals. What is even more important is that you are more likely to keep the excess pounds off if you lose weight gradually and get fit by completing a realistic exercise program. Not everyone wants to work out for 60 minutes or more every day. In fact in our time pressed society, it is often hard to find an hour a week never mind a day. Also if you are not physically fit, trying to train too much can result in injury. You could also find yourself getting bored very quickly and you will end up skipping sessions.

30 minute workouts are fast but effective

Why not try some 30 minute workouts for yourself? Not only are you less likely to get bored but you should be able to fit in at least five sessions a week. You will feel much better and as exercise helps to sharpen your focus and get those brain cells moving, you should be more effective in your job and your home life.


What type of exercise program can you follow?

Basically whichever type interests you the most. Some people want to dance their way to fitness and for them the Zumba workouts are probably the best. But not everyone has an interest in dance. Some prefer to kick box, others want a cardio workout while others may want to work on their muscle definition.

How do we know that 30 minutes fitness bootcamp workouts work?

Simple – have a look at this video. Can you seriously imagine having excess weight if you were to complete these exercises do you?

It doesn’t matter what type of workout you prefer. Kelly Coffey-Meyer has a 30 minutes workouts based on weights for those that like to lift weights. If you want muscle definition as well as a smaller waist, you might want to buy her 30 minutes to fitness:muscle definition.

Some people prefer to use their exercise routine as a way of burning off stress. There is something very effective about kick boxing for doing just that. And yes you have guessed it, Kelly has that covered too. You can get a sneak preview right here:

So who is Kelly Coffey-Meyer?

She is an AFAA and AAAI certified personal trainer. Not only has she implemented group fitness programs in some of the biggest clubs in New Jersey and Philadelphia but her DVDs have been given awards by Fitness Magazine as well as Oxygen magazine. If you visit her website, you will see that she is highly motivated and wants to help every mom look and feel as good as she does. Of course you don’t have to be a mom to do her workouts, they will help make any woman look amazing. Best of all your fitness levels and general state of health will also improve no end and you will never again wonder if a fitness bootcamp, 30 minutes a day can really help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.