My Secret Weapon – CrossFit

Picking the correct footwear for the cross fits is as vital as doing the Cross fits. As doing CrossFit in wrong shoes may cause foot pain, back pain, knee pain and discomfort therefore the right selection of the shoes is very important. It is our feet that give the establishment to our energy on a move. This implies that a poor decision of footwear (like running shoes) can sap our execution and make us more susceptible to injury.


1. CrossFit is an alternate kind of activity when contrasted with running.

2. It is essentially an extensive variety of activity schedules that are different on a daily basis to keep each part of our body working.

3. It included climbing up a rope one day, running another day and lifting weights on a third day. The conceivable outcomes are huge and it is essential to have the correct shoe for this variety.

Some CrossFit mentors do like to wear a running shoe, however this is because they are utilized to this style of shoe and are not prepared to change to an alternate style of shoe. CrossFit is certainly not a straight action! In this we have to jump, sprint, creep, climb and lift heavy stuff.

I require a shoe that is ready to manage all the variance which i deal with. So my secret to execution of these hectic ranges of exercises is cross fit shoes. CrossFit shoes are designed particularly with CrossFit in mind –

1. My CrossFit shoe is light and exceptionally adaptable.

2. This tool has lower heel height for more stability and the prevention of ankle sprains.

3. This product has a more strong material that makes up the upper segment of the shoe and wraps around the foot to give a more strong fit. This helps the foot to stay in one position within the shoe.

4. Having a shoe with a negligible sole gives me substantially more control over all of exercises.

5. I gain more stability and strength by using this shoe while doing CrossFit exercises.

6. It helps me to push and draw in, jump in and lift from. I

7. Its soles have a strong grip so that my foot stays planted solidly within the shoe box.

8. This product helps me keep my feet glued to the ground and stay stable regardless of the load.

9. It helps me distribute my weight evenly across my feet.

10. My CrossFit shoe has a multi-directional reinforcement intended to help during rope climbs and other CrossFit movements.

11. This tool has a “zero drop” sole which implies there is no difference between the heel height and the toe height. T

12. The grippy rubber soles in this product guarantees that I remain planted solidly on the shoe box helping me to stay away from the feared “shin shear”.

13. This product has extensive sole which makes it as an ideal shoe for the weightlifting/running combo that is so difficult to accommodate.

14. It is a durable and supportive shoe.

You can buy it from your nearby shop that can help you to crack the day’s work out and make you more fit.

Life Changing Green Smoothie Recipe


I must admit the title is a little heavy but i have complete confidence smacking it on this post. Why? Because this green smoothie recipe holds up well to it’s pretty little title. Our family are pretty much green smoothie veterans and i would say we are tinkering on borderline obsession with these powerhouse glasses of green nutrition overload. It is probably the second most important practice we have incorporated into our quest for a healthier lifestyle after juicing…So how did i come about discovering this green smoothie life changing recipe that i am raving about? The same way, many amazing recipes are born; lack of ingredients! Our refrigerator often looks quite pitiful on Friday evenings with a few wilted spinach leaves cowering in the back compartment next to the shriveled beets that didn’t make the cut. This is usually the point i go grocery shopping but with an unpredictable schedule that doesn’t always happen.

Life Changing Green Smoothie Recipe

This particular Friday morning was no different as i reached for my pitiful greens, poked around to see if there were any surprises and finally settled on what was left. A few tweaks later and generous almond butter dollops after birthed the creamiest, tastiest, most blissful green smoothie ever. You will slurp this sucker right up and maybe have to run off to the wardrobe to drink it in peace lest the kiddos fight you for it. Heard enough? Then here you go!

Mean Machine Life Changing Green Smoothie Recipe

makes 32oz

2 handfuls baby spinach
1 handful chopped kale
1 chopped ripe pear
2 frozen bananas
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp liquid chlorophyll
1/2 avocado
1 celery stalk – chopped
1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
4 pitted dates (soaked overnight in filtered water)

Place the leafy greens in a high speed blender and blend with water first for 1 minute. Add the soft ingredients first and the harder ones last. Whizz for an additional 2-3 minutes while streaming in the almond milk until the desired consistency is achieved.

Fun Fact

Green smoothies are chok full of chlorophyll – the amazing nutrient that gives plants their color. It’s their blood, and interestingly, it is also structurally very similar to our own blood – in fact, Chlorophyll is identical to human blood with one exception – the centre element in chlorophyll is magnesium while the centre element of human blood is iron.

A Good Fitness Bootcamp Description

When it comes to the best fitness bootcamp description, I don’t quite know where to start. There are so many different types of bootcamps available. You can find one to meet your personal needs whether you are trying to lose the post pregnancy baby weight, a teenager trying not to become obese or a middle aged man who has decided it is time to get fit.

fitness bootcamp

When fitness bootcamps first became popular they tended to be modelled on an army style workout

If you love the military bootcamp style you should be able to find one in your area. These camps use a variation of the fitness program designed to turn raw armed forces recruits into lean mean fighting machines. If you like discipline and don’t mind being shouted at, this style of camp should help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Teenagers and others looking to have fun while getting fit will probably prefer a fitness bootcamp centered around modern dance. Certainly those that have tried the Zumba clubs seem to love them and keep going back for more. It is important that you enjoy your time working out or you will give up before you see the results you crave.

Are you in a hurry to lose weight?

If you are in a hurry to lose weight or tone up for a special occasion you have to be realistic. Don’t put your health at risk by going on some strange faddy diet or worse by succumbing to surgery unless you have tried all other options first. Obviously if your doctor has suggested an operation that is a different matter.

But when you are simply trying to fit into that little black dress for a big night out, remember you can cheat a little. Wearing spanx works for the celebrities so these wonder pants are certainly worth a try. They may be a passion killer but they keep the tummy and bum in shape for the dress.

Watch your diet before the big event making sure to give anything that causes bloating a miss. This includes carbonated drinks of all varieties including the diet type. Many people find wheat causes bloating so you might want to ditch that too.

It sounds obvious but dress to impress. Too many women wear the wrong size in a bid to look slimmer but this usually backfires as the material catches everywhere it shouldn’t. Try on your outfit for your best friend and make sure they give you honest feedback. Don’t bother asking your husband or date as they won’t be honest. Very few men are brave enough to tell their loved one they look fat. You need the honest y of another female but one who has your best interests at heart and is not just being bitchy. This is one time when the answer to “does my bum look look big in this” should be yes if it is the truth!

Are you trying to get back into shape following the arrival of your baby?

If you have just had a baby, congratulations. You should be enjoying the time with your new arrival rather than worrying about losing pounds. Remember it took nine months to put on the weight so you should try to lose it gradually rather than put yourself under pressure. Forget about what the celebrities do. Remember they have a whole army of personal stylists, nannies not to mention chefs at their disposal. You live in the real world.

Of course it is important to get back into shape but you need to do this properly. When looking at the fitness bootcamp description, look for those that specialize in new mothers. Many weight loss classes will work with you and baby so you don’t need to worry about finding a sitter. The personal trainer should be certified but also have experience dealing with women who have recently given birth as there are some exercise routines that could cause you a lot of harm. If you have had a C section you need to be more careful and always listen to your doctor or midwife’s advice.

Nine Reasons To Get To A Fitness Bootcamp Now


If you are looking for more reasons why you should join a fitness bootcampthese top ten might help to get you there.

1) Exercise stops you getting ill

Regular exercise helps to boost your immune system and this will help to fend off colds and flu. So if you want to cut the number of sick days you spend under the duvet book yourself in for a fitness bootcamp now.

2) Exercise helps you to focus

If you need to pass an exam or are going for a promotion at work, getting regular exercise may just push you on to great success. Exercising is great for the mind as well as your body and you will notice that you are a lot sharper and can focus properly. Your concentration and retention levels will increase dramatically. Booking into a fitness bootcamp could just land you your dream job or help you get an A on that exam.

3) Exercise helps you to live longer

OK so if you are in your twenties you probably haven’t thought much about your morbidity yet but if you are aged forty or more, you may find that you start considering that half of your life is over. If you want to live longer and remain in good health, the earlier you start taking regular exercise the better. But even if you have been a couch potato until your forties or fifties it is not too late. Join a fitness bootcamp now and you can add quality and quantity to your life expectancy.

4) Exercise helps you gain more time

OK now you are probably laughing but it is true. If you find yourself constantly struggling against the clock you need to book yourself into a fitness bootcamp. Forget about saying you don’t have time. Regular exercise will help you to sleep better at night so you will need fewer hours of sleep and so will have more hours in the day to enhance your time management skills. Also your clarity and focus will improve which will help you to maximize your time more effectively.

5) Cellulite breaks down when you exercise

Everyone probably has either suffered from or is afraid of having cellulite. A healthy eating plan combined with drinking plenty of water and exercise is the key to getting rid of cellulite and preventing it from being a problem in the future. Dry skin brushing can also aid in getting rid of the more stubborn areas. So forget expensive creams and lotions and book yourself into a dance, ballet or military style fitness boot camp instead.

6) You will feel much better

Your mood depends on the level of Serotonin in your brain. If you have been following a faddy diet particularly one that cuts out all fats including the good ones, your Serotonin levels will be very low. This might explain why so many really skinny people look miserable! Exercise helps your body to release Serotonin and so you will get a natural high. This combined with following a healthy eating plan as detailed by your fitness bootcamp instructor will have you feeling fantastic in no time at all.

7) Your sex life will blossom

Yes sex is a fantastic exercise but if you are worried about your bum looking big or your tummy wobbling at the wrong moment, you cannot really concentrate on enjoying yourself. Getting more exercise means your body will be fitter and you will be less concerned with how you look. In fact as your confidence grows and your level of fitness increases you may just find that you adapt some of the bootcamp exercises you learn and put them to good use in the bedroom. Be warned your partner may suspect you of cheating if you suddenly start trying new moves and techniques. But once you explain how they are benefiting from your fitness bootcamp experience, they may be tempted to join up too.

8) Your confidence will soar

As you shed the excess pounds and see your body becoming more fit and toned, your confidence is going to soar. You will become much more confident in how you look which in turn will make you stand straighter and thus look even better. The transformation in the ladies who complete their women only fitness bootcamp and those that don’t is huge. This is particularly true if you have struggled to complete any weight loss program before. Even the smallest of achievements will increase your self belief and spur you on to reaching your goal.

9) You will look better

Everyone has a certain amount of vanity and having attended a fitness bootcamp program you will be thrilled at how much better you look. It is amazing the difference losing even a small amount of weight does for anyone. They immediately feel better about themselves and this in turn makes them feel more attractive. The more attractive you feel as an individual the more attractive the rest of the world will see you.

So what are you waiting for? Why not get the benefit of the fitness bootcamp experience now.

Raw Sauerkraut Recipe

I have read and researched the importance of fermented foods in our diet. With over 70% of all chronic disease stemming from the gut, it’s no wonder how important good colon health is. One of the best foods to include in your diet are fermented foods because they are loaded with good probiotics, digestive enzymes and beautiful flora. With my new found knowledge in hand, off to the grocery store i went, brimming with delight until BAM! $12 for a 12oz bottle of raw sauerkraut! My smile immediately vanished, head floated out of the clouds and disappoint reigned.


It’s just cabbage for crying out loud! Why on earth would i fork out that amount of money for cabbage gone bad? True to my thrifty nature, i decided to task myself the challenge of making my own raw sauerkraut recipe. To my delight i was done in 20 minutes from prep to canning all for a grand total of (wait for it) $2!! Yup, you can thank me later

What you will need;

Sauerkraut Recipe

1 small red cabbage

2 tablespoons celtic or sea salt

1 32oz glass mason jar

Wash and drain the cabbage well. Tear off one leaf and set aside. Slice the cabbage in half and use a mandolin or food processor to slice it  into super thin slivers. Scoop the sliced cabbage into a stainless steel mixing bowl and pour over the sea/Celtic salt. Now for some good ol’ elbow grease; massage the cabbage for a few minutes – 5 minutes seems to do the trick. You will notice the cabbage will reduce in size and the juices will begin to be released. Keep massaging the cabbage until it has reduced to half it’s original volume.

Don’t drain the juice.

Spoon the massaged cabbage into a clean sterilized glass mason jar and pour over the brine. Fold the leaf that was set aside and cover the top. Seal the jar and store in a cool dark place for 3 days.

Burp the sauerkraut daily and after the 3rd day, you can do a taste test. Depending on how fermented you like your sauerkraut, you can keep it out longer for upto 7 days. After it has reached the desired fermentation, place the jar in the fridge to slow down the fermentation process.

Raw sauerkraut can keep upto 3 months in the refrigerator.

Festive stress

This season, I have been considering waste and while I LOVE Christmas, it is a time of excessive waste – left over food, presents you don’t want etc.

Festive stress

It can also be stressful. I know I have at times run around frantic worrying

because I didn’t have “such and such” for “so and so”. So this year I have decided to take a relaxed, less wasteful and more thankful approach. I

came across the list below and it really summed up how I feel about this year. I think I am going to make it a personal trend – take one step back from the hype and enjoy time with family.

To all I wish you a relaxed, low waste festive season. Thank you for following this blog in a year, which for me has been filled with positive change. Whoot – I have lots to be grateful for. xx

Fitness Bootcamp – 30 Minutes A Day Can Lead To Permanent Weight Loss

If you are serious about reaching your ideal weight, you should try a fitness bootcamp. 30 minutes a day can result in you reaching your weight loss goals. What is even more important is that you are more likely to keep the excess pounds off if you lose weight gradually and get fit by completing a realistic exercise program. Not everyone wants to work out for 60 minutes or more every day. In fact in our time pressed society, it is often hard to find an hour a week never mind a day. Also if you are not physically fit, trying to train too much can result in injury. You could also find yourself getting bored very quickly and you will end up skipping sessions.

30 minute workouts are fast but effective

Why not try some 30 minute workouts for yourself? Not only are you less likely to get bored but you should be able to fit in at least five sessions a week. You will feel much better and as exercise helps to sharpen your focus and get those brain cells moving, you should be more effective in your job and your home life.


What type of exercise program can you follow?

Basically whichever type interests you the most. Some people want to dance their way to fitness and for them the Zumba workouts are probably the best. But not everyone has an interest in dance. Some prefer to kick box, others want a cardio workout while others may want to work on their muscle definition.

How do we know that 30 minutes fitness bootcamp workouts work?

Simple – have a look at this video. Can you seriously imagine having excess weight if you were to complete these exercises do you?

It doesn’t matter what type of workout you prefer. Kelly Coffey-Meyer has a 30 minutes workouts based on weights for those that like to lift weights. If you want muscle definition as well as a smaller waist, you might want to buy her 30 minutes to fitness:muscle definition.

Some people prefer to use their exercise routine as a way of burning off stress. There is something very effective about kick boxing for doing just that. And yes you have guessed it, Kelly has that covered too. You can get a sneak preview right here:

So who is Kelly Coffey-Meyer?

She is an AFAA and AAAI certified personal trainer. Not only has she implemented group fitness programs in some of the biggest clubs in New Jersey and Philadelphia but her DVDs have been given awards by Fitness Magazine as well as Oxygen magazine. If you visit her website, you will see that she is highly motivated and wants to help every mom look and feel as good as she does. Of course you don’t have to be a mom to do her workouts, they will help make any woman look amazing. Best of all your fitness levels and general state of health will also improve no end and you will never again wonder if a fitness bootcamp, 30 minutes a day can really help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.